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Tenancies created Under Section 32 of the act

  • Assured Tenancy
  • Short Assured Tenancy

These Tenancies will continue to run until they come to a natural end or the landlord serves notice

Short Assured Tenancy

A tenancy is assured if:

  • Landlord told the prospective tenant about the length and nature of the tenancy before the start of the tenancy by using a specified form [AT5]
  • Tenancy was offered for a fixed term [at least 6 months initially] of full 6 months. This must be stated in the tenancy

Executing the Short Assured Tenancy Agreement

The landlord must have served the following paperwork to have created a short assured tenancy

  • Prior Notification Grounds 14-5
  • AT5
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • Tenancy information Pack

Having all of this in place allows you to serve 2 months notice for the tenant to leaves as stated on the AT5