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Rent Increase under Private Rented Tenancies ( PRT) 2016

Limited to once in 12 months with 3 months notice period, using the rent increase Rent increase must specify:

  • Rent that will be payable once the increase takes place
  • The day on which the increase will take place

Minimum Notice Period

The minimum notice period:
Begins on the day the notice is received by the tenant and ends on the day falling 3 months after began or whatever longer period after it began as the landlord and tenant have agreed between them.
The reference to a period of 3 months is to a period which ends in the month which falls 3 months after the month in which it began, either:

  • On the same day of the month as it began or
  • If the month in which the period ends has no such day, on the final day of the month

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