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Notice To Leave Under Private Rented Tenancies ( PRT) 2016

Tenant to Landlord | 28 days
Landlord to tenant | 28 days [if tenant has occupied less than 6 months]
84 days [if tenant has occupied for more than 6 months]

Landlord To Tenant – Tenant Breach | 28 days

If we give your tenant this notice by recorded post or email, we will need to delay the start date of the notice. Period by 2 days to give your tenant time to receive the notice. Eg you may send a Notice To Leave on the 01st of June which tells the tenant that their notice periods on the 03rd June. Should you choose to deliver by hand, you do not need to delay the start of the notice period

8 Mandatory Grounds

  • Landlord Intends to sell
  • Property to be sold by lender
  • Landlord intends to refurbish
  • Landlord intends to live in the property
  • Property required for religious purposes
  • Tenant not occupying the let property
  • Tenant has relevant conviction

We can provide this service for you for £90.00 [Including VAT ]

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