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Private Residential Tenancy (PRT)

The Basics

  • No more Confusing tenancy notices such as AT5
  • One simple ‘Notice To leave’
  • 18 modernised grounds for repossession
  • You must have a ground to rely onto serve Notice To Leave and evidence to support that ground
  • No ish date or contractual period for PRT
  • A recommended tenancy agreement with support ‘Easy Read Notes’

Meaning of Private Residential Tenancy

  • Tenant is an individual – includes property being let jointly
  • Tenant occupies the house as his/her only principal home
  • Tenant occupies for the main purpose of the main residence
  • House is let as a separate dwelling [no resident landlords]

The Detail Of Private Residential Tenancy

  • A landlord is under duty to provide the written terms of a private residential tenancy under section 10 of the Private Housing Tenancies Scotland Act 2016
  • Model Tenancy Agreement & easy to read notes
  • Mandatory clauses are core rights and obligations these includes statutory terms , repairing standards and tenancy deposits
  • Discretionary Terms these can edited or replaced with other terms

You can use the Scottish Government Website to download a Private Residential Tenancy at no cost.

We provide this service for £30 [including VAT]

How do you benefit from our service?

  • The Model Tenancy Agreement
  • Statutory Terms
  • Discretionary Terms
  • Landlords ability to get the property back if required
  • Route of Redress – Housing & Property Chamber of the First Tier Tribunal
Cost for Paper Based Leases £30.00
  • Private Rented Tenancies
  • Posted Or Picked Up from our Offices | Same Day Service
  • Tenants can attend the office
  • Landlord can attend the office
  • Same Day Service | Must have the information before 11am
Costs for Electronic Lease £50.00
  • All the Above +
  • Guidance on discretionary or additional grounds
  • Electronic Signatures from tenant
  • We can sign for the landlord
  • Office premises for the leases to be signed if needed
  • All paperwork is saved on our software, easy access if needed
  • Assistance in other matters such as Professional Credit Checks, Inventories, Rent Increase, Notice To leave.
  • Same Day Service | Must have the information before 11am
  • No Need to attend the offices for landlord or tenants

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