360 Bespoke Virtual PropertyTours

If picture is worth a thousand words and a video is worth a million, then a 360 tour is surely the billionaire treatment! Avj Homes are excited to introduce 360 tours for your property. This cutting-edge feature will enable virtual walk-throughs of your property for your potential buyers. No more time will be wasted on in-person viewings that lead nowhere. Instead, your potential buyers will come armed with 360-degree knowledge of your property, already eager to put in an offer!

Knowledge is power, and familiarity is home, and clients of Avj Homes will be empowered with both.

As well as 360 tours, this incredible feature includes 3D floor plans and a custom-designed Floor Selector, so you have vision on every level. From the attic to the basement, pantry to conservatory, we have you covered. And you can access all of this – including accurate measurements and fixtures – from the comfort of your own lounge!

Who knows your own home better than you?

With Avj Homes's bespoke 360 tours, you can design your own listing, allowing you to highlight the best features of your property. Combining the 360 tour with our Bullet Point system, you can show buyers why your property is the best choice for them, and they will be sold before even stepping over the threshold.

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